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Create Same Page Linking In HTML, Link In Same Page Code

Linking To a Place In The Same HTML File

To link to another place in the same HTML file requires both an HREF anchor and a NAME anchor. An HREFanchor that links to a NAME anchor has a special from:

 a href=”#anchorname”> anchortext /a>

Notice the # symbol. In an HREF anchor, the # symbol is the only thing that identifies the HREF attribute as the name of a NAME anchor rather than an address of file name. (The # symbol combined with the following anchorname some times is also called as a fragment identifier)

The common user for linking HREF and NAME anchor on the same page are:
• A directory or table of contents that links to the major heading of a page.

• Cross – references between different points in the text.

• Links to footnotes at the bottom of the page

The following is an example of creating a directory or table of contents that will be displayed at the top of the Web page and that will then link to subheading sections in the same documents.



TITLE> Linking Page /TITLE>



H2> Using Hypertext links /H2>


a href=”#page”> Linking To a Another Page or File /a> br>

a href=”#Locat”> Linking To a Place on The Same Page/a> br>

a href=”Locpg”> Linking To a Place on Another Page /a> br>

H3> a name=”Page”> Linking To Another Page or File /a> /H3>


You can from a link with anything on the web that has an address or URL.


H3> a name=”Locat”> Linking To a Place on The Same Page /a> /H3>

You can form a link with another place on the same page by linking an href and a name anchor


H3> a href=”Locpg”> Linking To A Place On Another Page a> /H3>

p> You can not only link to another HTML file, but to a place in that file



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